Model Divya Pahuja’s Body Found in Canal After Gurgaon Hotel Murder

Tragic Twist in the Tale: Former Model Divya Pahuja’s Body Found in Canal After Gurgaon Hotel Murder

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Introduction: In a shocking turn of events,  former model divya pahuja killed the lifeless  who was brutally shot dead in a Gurgaon hotel just last week, has been discovered in a canal in Haryana. The police revealed that the body had been callously thrown into the Bhakra canal in Punjab and had drifted into the neighboring state. The investigation into her murder has taken a chilling turn as details surrounding her demise continue to unfold.

Details of the Discovery: A dedicated team of Gurugram Police recovered Pahuja’s body from Tohna in Haryana, shedding light on the gruesome details of her demise. The police, upon finding the body, promptly shared photographs with Pahuja’s family, who heartbreakingly identified her through distinctive tattoos. The next step in the investigation involves conducting an autopsy to gather more insights into the circumstances surrounding her death.

Accused Confession: The investigation took a significant leap forward when one of the accused, Balraj Gill, confessed to dumping Pahuja’s body in a canal in Patiala, Punjab. Gill, apprehended from Kolkata airport while attempting to board a flight, admitted during police interrogation that he played a role in disposing of the former model’s body. The canal, located approximately 270 kilometers from Gurugram, became the grim final resting place for Divya Pahuja.

Timeline of Events: The heinous incident unfolded on January 1, with the body callously dumped just a day later. Senior Gurgaon police officer Mukesh Kumar provided a grim timeline, stating, “The incident happened on January 1, and the body was dumped on January 2.” The identification process was facilitated through the victim’s tattoos, offering a glimpse into the horrific events leading to her demise.

Murder Motive:   A 20-year-old woman who was detained and questioned about the killing of Divya Pahuja, once believed to be gangster Sandeep Gadoli’s girlfriend, was arrested on Monday for allegedly helping the accused dispose of the murder weapon and other belongings. CCTV footage from the Gurgaon hotel revealed a chilling scene of the perpetrators dragging Pahuja’s lifeless body out of the premises and into a waiting car. Reports suggest that Pahuja, 27, was lured into a hotel room by five men and subsequently shot in the head. Allegations emerged that she had been blackmailing the hotel owner, Abhijeet Singh, with explicit photos, purportedly leading to her tragic end. However, Pahuja’s family vehemently denies these charges.

Controversial Past: Adding a layer of complexity to the narrative, Divya Pahuja had previously been incarcerated for her alleged involvement in the fake encounter of her then-boyfriend, Gurugram gangster Sandeep Gadoli, in 2016. Despite being granted bail in June of the previous year, her troubled past adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding investigation.

Conclusion: As the investigation into Divya Pahuja’s murder takes a dark turn, the discovery of her body in a canal adds a layer of complexity to an already tragic tale. The motive behind her brutal demise remains under scrutiny, and the unfolding details paint a harrowing picture of events leading up to that fateful day in the Gurgaon hotel.


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