“England Star Reveals Strategy for Tackling Rohit Sharma Before Rajkot Test”

India vs England: The right-hand batter spoke about the talks that take place in the dressing room and other places to decide the game plans for the match.

Ahead of the third Test in Rajkot, England’s star batsman Joe Root acknowledged the importance of containing players like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli to secure victory in the series. Despite getting starts in the first two Tests, Rohit has struggled to make a significant impact, with scores of 24, 39, 14, and 13 respectively, while Kohli missed the first two matches due to personal reasons.

Root discussed the team’s approach to strategizing for matches, emphasizing the informal nature of their discussions outside the formal setting of team meetings. He highlighted the value of spending time together away from the game, fostering genuine interactions and learning opportunities.

Describing Rohit and Kohli as two of the modern era’s greats, Root emphasized the need to focus on neutralizing their impact early in the game. Recognizing their seniority in the Indian batting lineup, he stressed the importance of keeping them quiet throughout the series to avoid their potential to rack up significant scores.

Reflecting on the second Test in Vizag, Root highlighted Yashasvi Jaiswal’s impressive 209 in the first innings and Shubman Gill’s third Test century, combined with India’s strong bowling performance, which led to a 106-run victory, leveling the series 1-1.

Root expressed the team’s awareness of the threat posed by India’s emerging talents like Jaiswal and Gill, noting their pivotal contributions to India’s success in the previous match. Looking ahead to the upcoming Test in Rajkot, he emphasized the need for England to execute their game plan effectively, particularly in containing key players and capitalizing on opportunities to gain the upper hand in the series.

As the series progresses, Root underscored the importance of adaptability and resilience, recognizing the challenges posed by India’s formidable lineup and the unpredictable nature of Test cricket. He reiterated the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and collective effort, aiming to clinch victory in what promises to be a closely contested series.


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